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I could’ve been a swimsuit model

Seattle has turned out to be a city where everything is within half an hour. Home to work, work to a gym, home to a restaurant. Seattle’s a lot bigger and a lot smaller than I expected. The bus and ferry system along with the wonder of google maps makes commuting really quick in a city of this scale. What I most enjoy is the music that plays in the cafes here. As a frequent exploiter of the free wi-fi in cafes I’ve heard a good mix of the genres that play all over the city and I’m glad to say they aren’t mainstream at all: radiohead, animal collective, mogwai are some uncommon bands I’ve heard.

Seattle has also been living up to its reputation as a ‘hipster’ city. From the first day here we’ve met some…..odd personalities. We were exploring downtown when we saw a guy doing really bad tai chi on a street corner. As we approached him he abruptly turned around and walked away and at that moment a person wearing a cowboy hat got off the bus and made a profane hand gesture towards him. Weird much?

I went to work at People For Puget Sound (PfPS) for three days before I got transferred to the Center for Wooden Boats (CWB). At PfPS I’m working on outreach and advocacy on the issue of shoreline restoration, mostly in Kitsap county, the neighboring county to Seattle. I went with my boss on a ferry to Bremerton on Friday to attend a workshop on why the issue is so controversial. The issue is that shoreline landowners ‘armor’ their land with ‘bulkheads’ (throwing around jargon like an environment pro) that are just deep walls built to prevent the Sound from swallowing up their land. These are unnatural and under the to-be-amended Shoreline Master Program, bulkheads are now no longer allowed in most situations and existing ones are being surveyed to see whether they can be removed. Landowners object to this because in their eyes it may endanger their property. Many people spoke strongly for and against the amendments at the workshop and it was eye-opening to see exactly what I was going to be going up against. What made my day was when we went for a site visit to a public beach nearby. It was drizzling and cold but the tide was remarkably low so we could walk on the mudflats and in addition to examining the failing bulkhead we found a huge variety of sea critters hiding out in the soft mud. There was a point where my boss told me to stand still and listen. And I head something that sounded like rain falling; it was apparently the sound of all the sea creatures around me breathing.

Anyway, the CWB is gearing up for their annual fest which ~40,000 people come to so it’s a big deal. I’m designing a tri-fold about nautical ruins found in Lake Union and doing mostly menial tasks like going around the neighborhood and sticking up posters, packing stuff for retail, cutting out membership cards, folding brochures etc. It gets monotonous sometimes but it’s worth the view of Lake Union.

Oh and I was offered to be a swimsuit model for Goodwill. Unfortunately it involved being at work at 6:45am.


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