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Rambling Thoughts of the Youth

Time has passed so quickly, it is hard to imagine that we have only been in Seattle for a week. Our apartments are still bare, fridges are still empty and I can count the number of dishes we have on one hand. Still, we have all made it past the first week and are well into our second. The small time difference from the east coast is slowly catching up to me as I go to sleep later and later in the night and wake up more tired, with only the famous Seattle coffee to sustain me.

Work at Solid Ground has been interesting, but isn’t really going to kick in gear until tomorrow. The voter’s guide that I have jurisdiction over is a common publication by the organization, but has undergone a change this year that has complicated issues. As we revise large swathes of the guide, the pace of work has slowed as revisions require approval and outside edits. We should have the final set of questions finished tomorrow though, which will allow me to send out copies to all two-hundred and sixty-nine individuals running for positions in Washington state. After that, I get to juggle responding to questions, putting up answers online and pestering those who don’t reply in time. It should be a week fun.

The Pride Parade on Sunday was fantastic. I was initially groggy from lack of caffeine, but it wasn’t long before I was swept up in the excitement and energy of the parade. My fellow DukeEngagers and I were initially supposed to walk with the Washington Bus and perform a short choreographed dance to “Call Me Maybe” but somehow I ended up carrying the HRC flag in the parade. People from all walks of life came and you could feel the pure joy of the event. Afterwards, on the way to the EMP museum, I ran into a protester and had an interesting conversation about the legitimacy about christian rock music and the basic tenets of his dogma. The conversation didn’t last very long after I mentioned I was going to visit a museum honoring Hendrix, Nirvana and AC/DC. The EMP itself was terrific, with one exhibit dedicated to science fiction and housing dozens of props from movies that I had loved as a child and still love today.

That museum is only one of the hundreds of reasons I love Seattle so far. The rest of the reasons are mostly restaurants. Every day, I pass by a new place that I want to try. There are dozens of great restaurants serving all different kinds of food. Vietnamese, Greek, Korean, Mediterranean, they are all represented with multiple dining establishments. This selection is only describing the restaurants that i’ve noticed in the University District and Wallingford area, there are hundreds more in downtown Seattle that I haven’t even mentioned. I know for certain that one of my regrets after this experience will be the fact that I was unable to try all of the restaurants that I wanted to.


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