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Week 1

So far in the week since I’ve gotten here, Seattle has been pretty much what I expected. The weather, surprisingly enough, has been pretty much overcast for the majority of the time with frequent mist and light rain and few scarce moments of sunny scattered in between. I’ve personally found the weather here much more enjoyable then the humid heat in North Carolina. In accordance to the stereotype, there are indeed a lot of hipsters in Seattle. The culture here in general is quite a bit more liberal than what we’re accustomed to back home on the east coast.

Last Thursday, we had our first group dinner at a Thai restaurant. The food was pretty good. I tried Thai iced tea for the first time which I enjoyed, and the “fusion-style” pad thai I ordered was pretty good as well. One thing though, for our dinner seating we sat on the floor on cushions around a one foot high table. I guess it adds to an unique and memorable experience, but I personally found it uncomfortable and experienced leg cramps throughout the time. I think I would’ve rather just had chairs. The food also took a really long time to come out, probably due to our large group size.

Last Saturday, we got a rare opportunity to see the USA Olympic Diving team trials. Two Duke Students were in them, and both managed to make the team. On Sunday, I witnessed a gay pride parade in downtown Seattle, the first of its kind that I’ve seen. It was interesting to say the least. Very colorful and loud…and also full of sights better left described. It was definitely something that you don’t see every day…well maybe here they do, I haven’t been around long enough to say. Following the parade, a couple of us went over to the Pike’s place market. We waited in a rather long line for a bowl of soup at the supposedly famous Pike’s Place Chowder. I got a bowl of the Salmon chowder. While I can say that it was certainly some of the best soup I’ve yet to have, I do think it was somewhat pricey for what was ultimately…just some soup.

I’ve also started work, and my first project was painting walls at the Seattle Vocational Institute.


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