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I finished work at the Center for Wooden Boats last week, which ended with the annual Wooden Boats festival. I haven’t yet attended the festival but got a hint of what was to come as the 300+ boats came in to the docks on South Lake Union and all hierarchy in the office collapsed. I would be laminating signs for 5 minutes and then go back to working on a presentation, then go around putting up flags. It was an incredible amount of fun. I had to learn Adobe InDesign and create from scratch a tri fold display along with brochures of a project that examined the ruins of ships in Lake Union. It came out looking like a presentation for a science fair but I am pretty proud of it considering I used an old cardboard box and no artistic skills. It was put up in the boathouse along with the brochures I made.

I really enjoyed this weekend as I went on two hiking trips. The first was with two other DukeEngagers who were willing to get up at 8am on a Saturday morning and get on a YMCA bus to go to the Wallace Falls trail about an hour away from the city. That’s one of the things I really like about Seattle, the fact that you can hike on difficult trails through mountains that are only an hour from the city but seem so….removed from everything. Saturday was a packed day because one the way back from our hike, the bus got stuck in heavy traffic (on a Saturday afternoon….what?) so we missed out on half the ‘underground tour’ which took people on a tour of Seattle’s underbelly. We then went to a Seattle Mariner’s baseball game which also was my first baseball game (evah!). I really enjoyed it and the high point of the game was in the middle of the 7th innings where it’s apparently a very traditionally American thing to sing “Let’s go out to the ballpark…..”. Alex spent the innings leading up to the 7th teaching me the song which I think I did justice to.

The second trip was on a Sunday where another DukeEngager’s alumni mentor’s father took the three of us hiking near Mt. Baker, again an hour out of Seattle. This trail was much harder than the one the day before and a mile longer as well. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Because, at the very end of the trail was a lake; unlike anything I’ve seen before. We had crossed the snowline so there were still some patches that were frozen over. As we approached the lake, the mist hanging over the lake retreated a bit letting us take some good pictures before it came back in 10 minutes later.

Also, yesterday was July 4th and we got lake front passes to see the fireworks over lake union because we volunteered with Northwest Harvest to collect donations at the carnival in Gasworks Park. Some of us also volunteered to go into a dunk tank. I may have pressed the button a couple of times while Bernard sat on the board. No big deal.


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