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Nothing Says DukeEngage Like a Kick to the Nuts

Our third week has just begun here in Seattle, and yet, I feel as if we have little time left. The weeks fly by as we rise for our commute each morning and return to our apartments in Stevens Court each night. As they say, “Time flies by when you’re having fun,” and I am truly having a blast.

With each passing day at the Bus, I grow to love my job more and more. It’s too difficult to pinpoint just one thing I love about my workplace, as I find myself enjoying the laid back atmosphere, the warm coworkers, and the jokes we throw each others way throughout the office. Whereas last week I found myself doing tedious jobs that most interns expect, this past week has been an educational storm. We have seen multiple speakers at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences, otherwise known as SAAS, the home of the Bus Fellows, which is located conveniently across the street from the Bus office. Last week, we had the pleasure of hearing Joe Fitzgibbon talk about his campaign for office that came with much assistance from the Washington Bus. Unlike most candidates, Fitzgibbon is only 23, and he has become our champion of young people in government. He is hoping to run for state legislature again this fall. We have also had the pleasure of meeting Matt Barreto, a professor of Political Science at the University of Washington. Going to his talk made me feel as if I had traveled back to Durham, finding myself sitting once again in a classroom with a laptop, ready to take notes. Luckily, Matt engaged the audience quite well, and I found myself listening intently the entire time.

Despite these two speakers, my favorite speaker was, by far, the Washington Bus’s very own Alex Miller and Devin Glaser. Alex and Devin spoke to us about the communication aspect of the Bus and the Blog that we will have the opportunity to write for. After hearing of some past blog posts and the opportunity for some artistic outlet through graphic design and animated GIFs, I was immediately sucked in. We all wrote blog posts in response to the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and I went to work on this graphic for one of the other Fellow’s post.


The full gif is more amusing and can be seen at “http://washingtonbus.org/blog/chief-justice-john-roberts-is-totally-snape” if you scroll down a bit. It was my first time making an animated gif, and it definitely killed quite a bit of time at work. And the best part? My newly found gif making interest will be needed for future blog posts!

But, it turns out that making animated GIFs of swift kicks to the family jewels will not be my only job this summer. I took some time to speak with Sarah, the Development Coordinator at the office, and I found that she manages all of the grant proposals and works heavily on networking and finding funding for our organization. I took an interest in working on grants and networking right away. Luckily,  Sarah completely welcomed my interest, and my direct supervisor was totally understanding of it. I will get to shadow Sarah in the very near future, and I have a trial by fire on July 17th! (And by “trial by fire”, I mean a 7:30 AM meeting with the Executive Board of the Bus to figure out funding. Yay!)

Apart from work, life in Seattle couldn’t be any better. (Well, it could rain less and be a bit more sunny, but it’s Seattle.) Running along the Burke-Gilman Trail has been an awesome experience, and having restaurants and stores within walking distance is absolutely wonderful. I can definitely see why everyone loves this place. The Bubble Tea alone is entertaining me!

Perhaps the best part of this last week was a phone call I received from an old friend at home I had not spoken to since high school. He is working at the Obama for America Headquarters in Chicago, and he called me on Monday. We spoke for quite a while, catching up on each other’s lives and talking about our summer endeavors. In a funny way, I realized that I had taken action in the very field I always said I would avoid: politics. We both talked about the Affordable Healthcare Act and working together sometime in the future. Hopefully I will see him when I get back to Chicago. And, I think I’ve sold him on the Bus. After all, it is the Bus we were all born to ride!


I hope I can slow things down a bit and make more time for tennis and exercise in the next few weeks. But most of all, I hope I can breathe in every bit of the Seattle air before it’s once again 2,000 miles away.


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