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It is funny how quickly you can settle into a routine. I now know how late I can wake up and still catch a bus that will get me into work by 9am. I know who will be working at the front desk at the Y when I get there at 5:30. I also know what street musicians will be playing at what corner.I am surprised that ¼ of my time here has already gone by because I don’t feel as if I have explored enough to justify that. My lack of exploration has actually probably led to me the aforementioned routine.

We have enrichment activities which introduce us to various parts of Seattle, whether they are service focus or just for fun, they are typically things that we would not have otherwise organized. I really enjoyed going to the Seattle Mariners game this past week and watching the Mariners beat the Red Sox in a slightly tediously long game. It was a great way to bond with the group, learn a lot more about baseball, and we even discovered an app that could keep us all laughing during the lulls of the game. In addition to the baseball game we also went on an underground tour of Seattle. Unfortunately I had a very hard time following what our self-proclaimed ‘mentally unstable’ tour guide was saying, so the only information that I took away from that tour is what my roommate explained to me after it was over. I am actually considering going back when I have some free time in the hopes of getting a better tour guide because I do think the premise of the tour is fascinating.

I also was able to attend my 5 year old cousin’s birthday party this weekend which was great because being from opposite coasts, I have not gotten to spend a lot of time with my younger cousins. I was even asked “Which ones are yours” (referring to children) which terrified me. Developing this relationship with my cousins is a great added benefit to my time here.

I look forward to exploring more neighborhoods in the future, and I can’t wait for the 4th of July celebration at gasworks park tomorrow. Since I have off of my normal work, I will volunteering and collecting donations for Northwest Harvest, the non-profit my roommate is working for. It is supposed to be 70, sunny, and clear! A miracle for July 4th in Seattle really, let’s hope it comes true!


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