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Week 2 – Chone Figgins Delivers

The Seattle Mariners must be kicking themselves for signing Figgins to a lucrative 4 yr/$36 million contract back in 2010. Despite his awful contract, the former dynamic player had himself a nice moment, giving the Mariners a walkoff sacrifice fly in the 11th inning against the Red Sox. First, as a Yankees fan, it’s great to see a Red Sox defeat, especially at the hands of a weak team such as the Mariners. To see Safeco field, and to watch a game go into extra innings, was all I could really ask for in a baseball game. Although Safeco provides fans with a good setting to see the live action, the park is designed to reduce scoring. For example, Ichiro hit a deep fly ball that would’ve been gone in most parks, but instead, ended up being a deep flyout. The team is not very good, but the park itself is worth a visit. Overall, the game was exciting and I look forward to attending another game later in the summer.

This week, I had a series of meetings in downtown Seattle. As a result, I ended up working mostly from the YMCA in Downtown Seattle. Because of this change in work location, I was able to explore downtown a bit more, which mostly meant walking around Pike Place Market during my free time. I had visited last weekend with a friend, so I had some familiarity with the public market. The place had a few levels, and was full of eateries, farmers, craftsmen and unique shops. I walked by the first Starbucks (unfortunately, the line to order was ridiculous) and saw Elliot Bay. For a meal, I bought delicious clam chowder from one of the many places that offered it. The market was a great place to wander around, and I look forward to coming back to buy some salmon and fresh produce.

In addition to Pike Place, Seattle public library is a lesser-known attraction but just as interesting. The building’s architecture was marvelous and is impressive for a public library. With ten floors, an auditorium to hold speakers, countless books, and modern study areas, the library was surprisingly enjoyable. I absolutely plan on returning to utilize one of their many study areas.

In regards to work, most of my week was based on absorbing as much as I could about the YMCA. Accordingly, through my meetings, I learned about the history of the Y and how the organization has changed since its inception. Currently, the YMCA is focused on fighting childhood obesity, as obesity has become a growing problem for the nation in recent years. Obesity can lead to a slew of other issues, such as diabetes and heart disease. The Y’s mission in brief is to educate individuals of childhood obesity and to promote a healthy lifestyle, in hopes of preventing obesity and the associated health risks. My work will hopefully fit into that mission in the form of raising awareness of the Y as a community center and a place to be active and be healthy.

On Friday, one of the last days of June, I was fortunate enough to travel out to West Seattle to meet a marketing intelligence team. The small group talked to me about what they do and what expectations and goals they had for me. After I left their office, I walked a few blocks to reach Alki beach, where I stayed for an hour before catching the bus home. The area had a great view and was littered with small restaurants and cafes.

Those are the highlights of week two. Next week’s post will feature an excursion to the Center for Wooden Boats, Fourth of July, and other events.


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