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Week 2 – Maintaining a Busy Pace

Hi from the Seattle Central Library aka one of the coolest architectural structures I have ever seen! My favorite part about this library are the multitude of diamond shaped windows that, on a rare sunny Seattle afternoon like today, let in rays of sunshine. As far as I’m concerned, the library is a must-see for anyone visiting Seattle.

The 10th floor of the Seattle Central Library

Last week was DukeEngage’s second week in Seattle and it was just as busy as the first. As a group, we experienced a traditional Moroccan meal – floor seating and no utensils…a unique experience! We also visited the Seattle Foundation which is one of the largest community foundations in the United States. The Seattle Foundation serves as a reputable and respected counsel for philanthropic giving in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Over the weekend, we went on Seattle’s popular Underground Tour which educates visitors about the Seattle Underground, a network of underground passageways and basements in Seattle that was originally the city’s ground level. After the streets were elevated after the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, these spaces fell into disuse until tours began using the space in the last few decades. Lastly, we attended a Seattle Mariners game. The game’s ending was terrific because 1) the Mariners beat the Red Sox in the 12th inning and 2) I was not dressed for the drop in temperature after the sun went down (50 degrees!) so I was happy to return to my warm bed! Work last week was also busy which admittedly is a little overwhelming; however, I enjoy it and I would much rather be a bit overwhelmed then be twiddling my thumbs.

Mariners vs Red Sox at Safeco Ballpark

In last week’s blog post I promised to explain my “job” in Seattle and the specific organization I’m working with. So here goes… This summer I’m working with Seattle Works! Seattle Works is a nonprofit organization that strives to foster a lifetime commitment to community engagement in young adults through innovative volunteer activities and educational opportunities (sounds pretty in line with DukeEngage’s mission, eh?) Seattle Works offers volunteer opportunities at various commitment levels. So a Seattleite can sign up for a one-time volunteer commitment or sign on to a team of individuals who volunteer together as a team one Saturday a month for four months. In addition to volunteer opportunities, Seattle Works offers valuable leadership training. One training program called the Bridge is a dynamic and unique program designed to teach individuals the basics of nonprofit and government Board of Directors service. Seattle Works’ other leadership training program, HandsOn Leadership, is paired with the option to manage a project in collaboration with a team of peers and a local organization.

Last week specifically, I began work on various fundraising and development projects which I will explain in more detail in later blog posts after I have completed more work on each project. I also met with each Seattle Works staff member for a 1:1 to get to know everyone a little better as well as understand their role at Seattle Works. These 1:1s are definitely one of advantage to working with a small (but mighty) nonprofit organization.


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