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The tide is changing

This week everything has seemed to come together nicely and I got to explore much more of the city.

            Fourth of July was incredible. Being from central Florida, I’ve grown up on Walt Disney World fireworks thinking no other display would ever compare. On Wednesday I was proven wrong.  People flocked to Gasworks, set up camp, enjoyed music and food waiting out the day to enjoy the display of fireworks. Seattle has never looked so amazing!

This past weekend we celebrated Phil and Alex’s birthdays. It was really awesome to have almost the entire group hanging out together outside of scheduled group dinners and laughing with people I rarely get to spend time with. Though the surprise didn’t play out quite as planned, the sentiment remained. Our big plans to go out turned into frolicking through water-bridges, posing with statues and late-night trips to Safeway, but there were still lots of memories to be had.

The next morning, after scouring the UW campus for a printer (only reaffirming my knowledge that I can’t read a map to save my life) the beautiful weather prompted my excitement to be on the water. Truth be told, my Floridian self wanted desperately to be swimming in the water, but the common sense of my roommates assured me that though the sun is out, the water is quite chilly. How deceptive.

But this deception was thankfully so, because it led us to spend our day at Pike’s Place Market. I was in heaven. Fresh fruit, fresh flowers, fresh fish, fresh air, fresh views…everything was nothing short of picturesque. I realize I just made a farmer’s market sound idyllic but it’s literally the kind of place I could spend my entire day.

Sunday, the birthday celebration continued as we strolled down the Birk Gilam trail to a casual café right off the trail. As I walk along the trail on the gorgeous Sunday morning earning the meal that follows, I realize more and more why this city is so healthy and active. I’m easily getting used to the lifestyle here.
            Meanwhile at work…

I think I’m finally getting through to some of the youth. It’s refreshing for them to come to be and want to start a conversation about heath and fitness in their own life willingly. Even more exciting… I can see some of them consciously making changes towards a healthy lifestyle. Though I still have some knuckleheads I don’t know if I’ll ever strike a chord with, if I can just help some of them make a change and find the motivation to be healthy, I’d like to think it’ll have been a pretty successful summer.
Hopefully I’ll report back with some more breakthroughs. Until then, I hope to not let the remaining weeks pass by without doing some more exploring…and getting myself to the water


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