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Reflection Three: Finding the artist in me

Creativity has definitely been a resource I have needed in Seattle. This perhaps should not have been very surprising, given that this area has been more progressive compared to other places. For instance, this last week, I was denied of plastic bags (http://www.seattle.gov/util/Services/Recycling/ReduceReuseExchange/PlasticBagBan/index.htm). When we arrived in Seattle, our program coordinators let us know that there was an effort to increase recycling efforts and promote reusable bags. Well, we arrived in Seattle a couple weeks before the actual policies took place. So, I was bit surprised when I was standing at the end of the line and then, told that there were no bags for me to use. Unfortunately, I admit this scenario has occurred more than once, because it has taken me a couple times to remember. Thus, enters in the creativity in figuring out how to juggle my items sans bag 🙂 In all sincerity, I admire the social commitment I have observed in making sustainable adjustments. I have been trying to become a more eco-friendly shopper and Seattle has provided the structure that I need to practice maintenance. From now on, I will remember my tote bag.

Outside of my shopping education, the need to be imaginative has also arisen at work. I am approaching having interned with Amara for three weeks and steadily my responsibilities growing. Two of my main focuses this past week have been creating an “art contest” for kids of Amara families and editing the blog posts of Amara staff members.

The “art contest” is more of an “all-call” for art from kids of families who have worked with Amara. I am currently formatting the project – constructing the timeline, working on publicity and outreach etc. We are hoping to feature the artwork in our upcoming publications like newsletters, websites, invitations, etc. We want to share children’s art and writing with those who work with Amara or are thinking about working with Amara. The artwork will be centered on memorable moments children have had with their families. I think it is a wonderful way to engage with Amara families. A simple piece of art can detail how kids and families are doing and Amara can share with them that they will always be here and want to always hear from them.

The need for “originality” really comes into play in one of my primary roles as an editor of Amara’s blogs. I plan to speak more on this process and the topics I come across in the future. Broadly, I serve as somewhat of a “ghost writer” for what the Adoption and Foster Care Specialists would like to share with the public audience. Admittedly, social media has never had much of a role in my life. So, it’s interesting how much of it I do now due to Duke Engage Seattle. Trying to understand the appropriate way to blog and the rules that need to be followed in order to have an “effective blog” has been a learning experience. I am appreciative for the opportunity to work on a form of communication that is often a primary and important medium for prospective and waiting adoptive families.

In closing I want to mention the Seattle Sounders soccer game we went to this past weekend. I apologize in advance for sounding silly in relating the soccer game and creative art, 🙂 but I was so impressed by the fans at that game. I love sports. I think sports offer the feeling of being a part of something greater than yourself. I thought the Seattle Sounders fans really expressed themselves as a cohesive group. It really seemed like a unified sea of green (the team’s colors) in the stadium. Everyone knew the chants and songs. Although every other person was unique in how they represented their allegiance to the Seattle Sounders, they all together also represented allegiance in the Seattle community.

Finding that balance between representing yourself and also representing a greater ideal is to something I am striving to do.

As always, thanks for your time.



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