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Week 3 – Scarves Up! Scarves Up! Sounders ‘til I Die

The Mariners are years away from competing for the World Series, the Supersonics have moved on to another city and a more excited fan base, the Seahawks is an example of a bad idea, and all that remains for this pacific northwest city is the Sounders. But, WOW, the locals have strong feelings towards their soccer team. When walking from Pioneer Square to CenturyLink Field, we saw a sea of green jerseys flood toward the athletic facilities. With the marching band playing outside the main gates, the stadium area was filled with excitement and passion. From my perspective, attendance was unexpectedly high, as the Sounders were about to kick off against a struggling Colorado Rapids squad. We joined the crowd in its enthusiasm, attempting to follow along to the songs and chants throughout the game. The match atmosphere was great, as the most crazed fans (who stood together in a section behind one goal) initiated several cheers and were rowdy until the final whistle. For the most part, the Sounders played well, creating quality chances and finding success through crossing the ball in to unmarked runners into the box. Despite a strong push from the Rapids in the last twenty minutes, the Sounders prevailed and won 2-1. In general, soccer matches are excellent sporting events to attend because there is only one extended stoppage of play (halftime), and you know the match will last right around ninety minutes, shorter than other sports such as football and baseball. Including halftime, you’re in and out of the stadium in two hours. Chelsea is coming to Seattle next week, so I hope to attend with a few DukeEngage members. Overall, the Sounders match was an amazing experience and it’s great to see a city so passionate about their soccer club.


In addition, I went with a few others to visit the Center for Wooden Boats. On the docks, the center displays their fleet of boats for sale and rent. In the surrounding area, there are boathouses, yachts, seaplanes, and a chowder house (Duke’s). To walk around the docks and to see a variety of sail and rowboats was a unique and fun experience. The most entertaining attraction was the opportunity for a free boat ride. Unfortunately, there was limited availability of sailboats for our schedule, so we elected to go on a rowboat. Fitted with life jackets and oars in our hands, we climbed into the rowboat and rowed around Lake Union. The Center for Wooden Boats was really an opportunity for me to try something new and it was a pleasant afternoon.


On Fourth of July, several of us volunteered for the day at Gas Works Park for Northwest Harvest, a nonprofit whose mission is to fight hunger and distribute food to thousands of people. Making rounds in the park, we were tasked with asking for donations. If someone donated enough, they got to enter a raffle or get the chance to dunk an intern (some of which were DukeEngage members) into the dunk tank. A major attraction for many Seattleites on Independence Day, Gas Works Park is a public park with many food vendors and games for people during the day. And when darkness hits, the park offers friends and families a great view of a fireworks show in Lake Union. The volunteer work we did to spread awareness of Northwest Harvest and its mission came with its rewards, as we got a comfortable view of the fireworks show.


Perhaps in later posts I will focus more on what work I do for the Meredith Mathews Y, but so far in these early weeks, I have enjoyed exploring this city’s many outdoor attractions in its fantastic summer weather.



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