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A slight phobia.

I’d like to describe the Voter’s Guide i’m creating a bit more. Because Solid Ground is a nonprofit, the guide is technically classified as a 501c3 educational tool, which means that answers from the candidates can not be modified in any way. This becomes a problem for me because I am used to editing the writing of other people. When I see grammatical or spelling errors, it is second nature for me to change it to a more appropriate phrase and adjust syntax. Unfortunately, the answers from the candidates must be copied verbatim, so I have to resist my corrective nature. I also read over each response from the candidates, which leads to me understanding their very interesting views. While we only allow each candidate fifty words for each question, they somehow manage to create incomprehensible and illogical blocks of text nonetheless.

This weekend is going to involve a lot of activities that i’m excited about. The first is the Theo Chocolate tour, which I predict is going to be universally loved because of the chocolate involved. I’m also going on a Seattle Food Tour of Pike Place Market, which will be a severe dent on my finances but still worth it. $39 is a small price to pay for a tour of one of Seattle’s most interesting food places. The guidebook that we all received in the first week here ended up actually being useful, as I was able to save $2 on the tour. Even though I don’t really have a taste for seafood, nor do I really enjoy the famous clam chowder, I am still excited for the experience. Here’s to hoping that I don’t get hit in the face by a flying fish.

The second cause for excitement is the Seattle Aquarium. I’ve always loved aquariums because aquatic animals are so much more interesting and varied than land animals. Because of the intensely different environment, they have adapted unique and innovative ways to survive. The ocean is also one of the most mysterious places on Earth, with over 90% of the ocean floor still unexplored. It is as alien as another planet. My love of aquariums has led to one of my greatest fears though: moray eels. The first time that I saw a moray eel is the moment I realized I had met my nemesis. The moment is etched into my mind. Moray eels are terrifying. They are the scourge of reefs everywhere. Whenever I go scuba-diving or snorkeling, i’m always afraid of sticking my foot near a reef for fear of moral eel attack. Their eyes are full of unbridled malice. Their mouth is always set in a permanent gruesome grimace. Their rows and rows of jagged teeth hunger for the sweet flesh of your hamstring. On top of that, their teeth are also filthy, coated in bacteria that almost always cause infection. They are emotionless machines made to bring about nothing but ruin and destruction. Their expressionless faces will never show anything but a dull fury. They are become death.


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