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Lessons from my Seattle Explorations

I feel like I’ve got my groove here at Northwest Harvest, and I am getting the hang of Seattle. It seems like I’m learning something new every day. This week’s blog is dedicated to some of the things that I’ve learned about Seattle. Here are some of the things I’ve learned so far:
1.       No one drinks coffee in Seattle after 5. Well at least it seems that way. Every time I’m looking for a cup of coffee in the early evening, I spend 20 minutes circling downtown before I find the one singular open Starbucks that will still serve me a tall Pike’s Place brewed coffee. For the coffee center of the US, you’d think that the stuff would be readily available at all times. Come on Seattle, step your game up. I’m from the city that never sleeps, and I need caffeine to keep these eyelids open.
2.       Summer starts on the fifth of July. I didn’t quite believe the Seattleites until I experienced it for myself. Honestly it’s like summer has an on/off switch. Once the fireworks clear, the weather behaves. My work wardrobe has changed from jeans and sweaters underneath my NorthFace fleece to sundresses, aviators and maybe a cardigan if there’s a breeze in the morning. I can definitely see how it would be possible for someone to fall in love with the weather here in the summer and then be totally taken off-guard by the rainy cold winters.
3.       Reiner Days are breathtaking. Pretty self-explanatory, Reiner days are the ones when you can see the mountain clearly from the city. Not too many cities are built next to beautiful snow-capped mountains. When the sun is out and the sky is really clear, it seems like the mountain is just down the block. (In reality though it’s pretty far). One of my favorite Seattle treats is to go up to the Starbucks on the 40th floor of Columbia tower after work on a Reiner day and look out over the city and the mountains beyond.
4.    Seattle is diverse. For being one of the top ten “whitest” cities in the US, Seattle does a good job of celebrating the cultural diversity that it does have. The restaurants around the city are incredible. I would bet that there are more Vietnamese sandwich shops in Seattle than there are standard delis. The festivals in the city celebrate the diversity as well. It’s exciting because not only do people seem like they cherish their heritage, others truly seem like they appreciate and engage in cultures that differ from their own.
I’m loving the chance that we have here to explore the new city. It is so nice to have the group to go out and try new places, but I also like that we have the autonomy to go out and find some special places on our own. In the same way that we all have different jobs, I feel like we are all exploring the city of Seattle in our own ways too!


About engagingseattle

I'm a Duke undergrad student in Seattle for the summer working at Northwest Harvest.

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