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The Three Ss: Sounders, Scotland, and Senators

When I arrived in Seattle, I realized that I was a whole world away from both Chicago and Duke, but to have it feel like Europe is a tad strange. I am obviously exaggerating, but this last week has definitely given me some international tastes I didn’t expect.

This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to go to the Experience Music Project. I obviously attended, having heard from so many people about how great the place is. Without focusing too much on me being 30 minutes late to the excursion, I can sum up the museum in one word: breathtaking! The place was truly amazing! Most people who know me wouldn’t chalk me up as the biggest music aficionado, but even someone who is as musically illiterate as myself would be able to appreciate the Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana Exhibits.

Plus, the place is more so an “Experience Pop Culture Project” than an “Experience Music” one. I had the opportunity to visit the Avatar section, a movie I am quite fond of. And, the inner horror movie fan in me got a kick out of the Horror section. There is nothing quite like seeing Freddie Kruger’s glove in person. But, I think the Superman suit and the Jimi Hendrix Guitar pieces were my favorite. Something about them called to me. (Probably the inner Superman fanboy in me)


And, we capped off the museum excursion with a song performed by a band of DukeEngagers known as “DukeEnrage.” Watch out world, we’re taking the music scene by storm. (In reality, we stood like fools with instruments in the EMPs recording studio).

After the EMP excursion, we went to my first ever professional soccer game. Knowing a thing or two about soccer, I knew MLS was much, much worse than soccer in Europe and South America. But, I had an open mind, and everyone told me how great the Seattle Sounders are to watch. They were right! I had a complete blast at the game! The Sounders know how to pack a stadium, and the game was incredibly exciting and energy charged. It felt like a Duke Basketball game at times as we booed a player on the opposing team. At this point, I’m debating buying tickets to see them play Chelsea! Tickets are $50 and up, but you only live once, right?


In other news, work this week has been incredible, once again. We have a new intern at the office: a boy named Rory from Scotland. He’s 16 and pretty outgoing, so interacting with him has been incredibly easy. I find Brian and I talk to him quite a bit at work. In fact, work itself feels like a gathering of my friends where we somehow end up actually working. Despite the hard time Emily and Julia like to give me, I love my job (That’s, right, I said it!).

Having Rory on board has been incredibly interesting. I find myself talking about everything from sports to politics to life in general. Apparently, campaigns in Scotland are much less show and more substance. Candidates have an equal amount of time on TV and don’t need to spend excessive amounts of money on advertisements. And if I understood him correctly, all candidates have an equal amount of campaign funding. I guess Europeans care more about the politics than Americans do. It was hilarious talking to Rory at the Westin where we saw Joe Biden speak to support Maria Cantwell.

Oh, did I mention that I went to go see Vice President Joe Biden speak with my coworkers? Everyone from the office went, and it was long before the workday was over! Sadly, I did not get the chance to meet the Vice President or take a picture, though my friends did. I did, however, get to meet the Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell. I’d say hearing the VP speak was still quite a treat.

Honestly, I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky to be in Seattle and working with the Washington Bus like I am right now.



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