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Week 3

This week, we went to the Burke Museum of Natural History at UW.  The museum had a new photography exhibit, which contained some cool pictures but otherwise, the exhibits were nothing spectacular and it was a pretty small museum.  Afterwards, a couple of us went to Gameworks in downtown, where they have an all you can play until close special on Thursday nights.  I ended up playing several racing games and shooting games, as well as a pinball machine and a couple arcade fighters.  The games were nothing spectacular compared to today’s PS3’s and X-Box 360’s but it was fun since it’s been a long time since I’ve been in an arcade.  Friday morning I had a meeting downtown at the Seattle Center in the Armory/Center House.  On Saturday, we went to the EMP museum at the Seattle Center.  There wasn’t too much stuff there but I found the exhibits interesting.  They had an Avatar exhibit and some horror movie props which were cool, but the majority of the exhibits were rock music related and particularly on guitars.  They have a section of guitars, basses, drums, and mixer equipment that you could play around with which was really cool.  All in all, I found the EMP enjoyable as it contained things that were of interest to me.  Afterwards we went to the Sounders vs. Rapids soccer match in Safeco Statium.  It was my first soccer game, and also first time in a soccer stadium.  The game was very entertaining to watch and we had pretty good seats.  The stadium was really nice too.  After the game, several of us went to Chinatown for a late night bubble tea at the Oasis which is open until 2AM on Saturdays.  On Sunday, a couple of us went to Chinatown again and ate at Jade Dim Sum restaurant.  The place has good reviews and is supposed to be the best dim sum in Seattle.  We had several dishes and all the food was very tasty.


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