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We Woke. We went. We won.

            By far one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had in Seattle thus far has been with the Washington Trails Association repairing a hiking trail this weekend. While I’ve always recognized the benefit of hiking as a means of getting to a destination (like a summit, lake or campground), I was far less aware of the joy to be found in the act of hiking itself.

Within minutes of beginning my hike up the trail, I was in awe of the view. It was picturesque to say the least.

Along the way, it’s impossible to not be pensive and find serenity in the moment. As I walked, I realized how accurately a hiking trail depicts real life.

The terrain you may encounter ahead is unpredictable. It can switch from smooth to rocky within seconds. Being well prepared is important, but being able to adjust quickly is key.

 Rocks obscured beneath soil can prove to be problematic. A problem may not always present itself as such immediately. You must use your own intuition and savvy to avoid potential problems or recognize problems that are far less obvious.

Water can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Like anything, attributes do not always comes with some less appealing qualities as well. Nothing and no one is perfect. You must enjoy the good while it is good and remember the good when things are bad.

Trees whose roots are not planted firmly enough can easily be manipulated and eliminated from the trail. If we are not strong gin our beliefs and convictions, those with whom we cross paths will easily manipulate us.

Widening a trail too much decreasing the aesthetic and upkeep of the trail. By spreading ourselves too thin, we sacrifice the quality of doing a job properly.  

While hiking, you don’t have the luxury of thinking more than 2 feet ahead. You must focus on the terrain of the path directly in front of you. Overcome any immediate obstacles and tackle the later ones only as they come into your path. But even though caution has your eyes zoomed in on the ground beneath you, don’t forget to take the time every so often to look up, admire the view and take a deep breath of fresh air. This will realign your perspective and give you just enough revitalized energy and incentive to continue. 


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