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A.irplanes at the Museum of Flight. Super Guppy, Air Force One, Blackbird, Albatros…

B.ite of Seattle. The mad rush to find The Alley in time for the delicious $10 food followed by the joy of finding out that closing time meant extra food for everyone.

C.olumbia Tower. The beauty of seeing the city I’ve spent the last 6 weeks in from above.

D.uke. Its extensive network continues to surprise me. From alumni nights out to Olympic Diving Trials.

E.nriched. I feel it.

F.ireworks on the Fourth of July at Gasworks Park.

G.ameWorks. 4 hours of unlimited arcade gameplay. What a spectacular night!

H.orrors of The Descent from a couple individuals in the program.

I.njuries in our failed game of Capture the Flag.

J.ellyfish floating silently in the Seattle Aquarium and the lone one at Pier Peer.

K.ing County Metro. Experiencing all the ups and downs of public transportation.

L.ate Harvest Semillon at the wine tasting in Pike Place. Best wine ever.

M.arkets – Pike Place, Farmer’s Market, Safeway, Iwajima, Trader Joe’s.

N.irvana, Avatar, Jimi Hendrix, and more at the EMP Museum.

O.asis + late night bubble tea + Apples to Apples = bliss.

P.enguins, attention. WHAT? And all the joys that come with singing silly camp songs at 9am every morning.

Q.uiet. The brilliance of the Wall Game, who knew that such a simple game could be so effective.

R.enegato. BANG!

S.crambled eggs in almost all the Eggstronaut rocket launches.

T.rail restoration early on a Sunday morning. Saving hikers from the dangers of the berry and maple plants.

U.nderground tour of Seattle. Seeing the history behind the Emerald City.

V.olleyball at Alki Beach with friends, sunset, fish & chips.. what more could one want?

X.box-sponsored Seattle Sounder soccer games against Colorado Rapids & Chelsea FC.

Y.elping excessively. Maneki, Thai Tom, Duke’s Chowderhouse, Kau Kau BBQ, Hard Wok Cafe, Chiso Sushi, Tat’s Deli, Musashi, Cellars (and The List), Pike Place Chowder, Il Bistro, Jade Garden…

Z.zzzzzz. Feeling the lack of sleep because of all these terrific experiences I’ve had so far in Seattle.


The experiences I’ve had here have meant so much to me. I know that when the time comes for me to finally leave this fantastic place, I will miss the people, the places, the kids, the food… and maybe even the buses. For now though, with only a couple weeks left, I will make the most of my experiences. I will enjoy everything about Seattle, even the early morning shifts ahead of me and the hour-long bus rides. Because in the end, the ups and the downs are what make up my entire experience here in Seattle.


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