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Enjoying the View – Appreciating Emerald City

Time and time again, I am reminded by Seattleites that summer has deceived me into believing that the Seattle area has beautiful weather year round. It’s true that something astronomical happens as soon as July 5th – the sun comes out, the clouds go away, and the rain ceases. But, hey, who’s complaining?

The weather certainly has its ups and downs, such as the fog and cold temperature prevalent on some mornings. But, the climate is quite pleasant on most days. For example, I played volleyball at beautiful Alki Beach on a warm, clear Tuesday evening and kayaked in Green Lake on an amazing Sunday afternoon. I even watched the sunset and wondered how I haven’t visited Emerald City before. The weather, in and of itself, is a reason to be in Seattle for the summer. Period. So call me spoiled or easily impressed, but – in my opinion – the summers in Seattle certainly beat the sweltering heat and humidity responsible for 100 degree weather back in Durham.

In fact, the weather often makes me nostalgic of my own roots. Born and raised in California, I was accustomed to dry heat and the ocean breeze before going to Duke. The increase and decrease in temperature during night and day was a regular occurrence. Nowadays, my stroll outside in North Carolina during the summer consists of fogged up glasses, a back full of sweat, and a desire to shower incessantly. Unfortunately, the temperature in the Old North State is consistent and disgustingly warm when it rains. A return to the West Coast has given me the opportunity to relive the cool climate of the Pacific, and – at the same time – take a trip down memory lane.

This past week, I ate dinner with an old friend in Tukwila at Simply Thai, which was absolutely delicious. The Pad See Yew was one of the better Thai dishes that I have had since I have been here, and I was delighted to meet her and her husband – who I had never met before. I also played beach volleyball with several other DukeEngagers at Alki Beach, which I highly recommend as a summer sunset excursion. One of the great things about Seattle’s geographic location is its northern latitude, which corresponds with more hours of daylight, later sunsets, and earlier sunrises. In other words, you can play volleyball after work, eat dinner, and then watch the sunset – all in one evening. The friendly climate also gives rise to recreational activities, including water sports such as kayaking. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, running, cycling, rollerblading, or Ultimate Frisbee, check out Green Lake Park. It is home to some of the more famous athletes from Seattle, who have practiced and played there, including professional basketball players Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, and Spencer Hawes. There is a three mile loop that encircles the lake and hundreds of visitors daily. Kayaking on the lake was one of the more fun activities that I have participated in since I arrived in Seattle six weeks ago. If only the park were within walking distance from the Austin Foundation…imagine all the fun drills and activities the Junior Trainers would be able to do.


Sunset at Alki Beach. 7/24/12.


Kayaking at Green Lake. 7/29/12.


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