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Interview with Robin, Program Assistant at Lettuce Link:

1.       How long have you been working at Lettuce Link?

I started as AmeriCorps member in October of 2008 and stayed on for 2 terms. Afterwards, I was hired as permanent staff member in August of 2010. So in total, about 4 years now.

2.       Why did you decide to work here?

It was kind of fortuitous. I was living in D.C. and doing environmental health-related work. But I found it to be reactive work. So I changed to focus more on food justice—something that I thought could make an impact before all of the health problems arise. Also, I am originally from Seattle and wanted to move back. So luckily the position was open, and I just went for it.

3.       How would you describe your typical day? Work week?

Our work is very seasonal, and I like the work flow because of this. There is always a change over, and things are never static. Spring, summer, and early fall are very busy, but things start to taper off in November and December. Spring and summer are also when our kids programs are held, so I’m usually on the farm once or twice a week for them. Besides that, I do a lot of work back in the office. My job is to help other people do their jobs better, so I do a lot data management—a lot.

4.       How did you get into this line of work?

Well, everybody eats; food is a very universal thing. So if we’re looking at social justice and looking at root inequalities, food is a good place to start.

5.       How do you see your role in relation to the larger concerns of social justice?

I’ve learned that there are so many people with so much charisma and passion who are great leaders but need people who have their backs. There’s a lot of room for people who have great communication skills, people who do policy work, and people who are in between and help make things flow. I like that I can facilitate and have a niche in between. Also, this line of work corresponds with my own passions and beliefs, which makes it that much more rewarding.


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