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Interview with Seattle Works Executive Director

Name: Tara Smith Position: Executive Director Organization: Seattle Works   How long have you been at Seattle Works?   8 years   Was there anything that initially drew you to … Continue reading

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Week 6 – So this fuzzy one makes a good toilet paper

We had an action-packed weekend, so we hardly had anytime to relax, but nonetheless, the days were well spent and fun. On Saturday, we went to Bainbridge Island for an … Continue reading

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The End is Nigh and Beautiful Beginnings

With a week left to go in Seattle and at Cherry Street, it’s been both a time of closure and new beginnings.  Yesterday, we had a small gathering over food … Continue reading

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And So It begins……

….That’s what Toby said the moment Rory walked out of the door last week. I knew what he said was true, but part of me didn’t want to believe it … Continue reading

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Weeks 4 & 5: Seeking Life Lessons

It’s sunny, temperate, and warm out today. Although Seattle and the Northwest in general are known for rain and inclement weather, if I had not known that, I never would … Continue reading

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Enjoying the View – Appreciating Emerald City

Time and time again, I am reminded by Seattleites that summer has deceived me into believing that the Seattle area has beautiful weather year round. It’s true that something astronomical … Continue reading

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Oh the Options

One of the major attractions that the city of Seattle has to offer is delicious food. Not only is the food absolutely scrumptious but there are also so many options! … Continue reading

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