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Week 2

This past week began with our weekly group dinner. It took place at the Marrakesh, a Moroccan restaurant in downtown Seattle. The dinner consisted of five courses, beginning with a salad which turned out to be more like a salsa, a tomato based lentil soup, and a ground meat filled pastry dish finishing off the three course appetizer. For the main entrée, there was a selection of lamb, beef, chicken and vegetarian items. They were out of the lamb leg that several of us wanted to try, so instead I went with another lamb dish. The dish consisted of just two pieces of lamb meat on a dish of some kind of sauce, possibly tomato-based. The dessert consisted of a milk pudding and mint tea. Something different about the restaurant was that the dining room consisted of cushions and couches and diners sit around a round table on the floor or on couches against the wall. The food is also typically meant to be eaten without utensils and instead with your bare hands. However, most of the foods consist of a lot of sauce which results in a messy experience. On Thursday evening, I attended a board training session put on by Seattle Works called the Bridge. We learned about fundraising and finances as they relate to nonprofit organizations and board service. On Saturday we had a group excursion to see the Seattle Underground Tour and the Mariners vs. Red sox baseball game. The underground tour ended up not meeting expectations. The underground tour was essentially going down into three separate basements while hearing some stories. The tour also felt a little incoherent and at the end, some of us felt like there was no take away. The Mariners vs. Red Sox game was exciting to begin with, however got boring in the middle as no one was scoring. The game ended up being tied up and went into overtime with the Mariners eventually winning after a long game. Afterwards a few of us went to the international district and went to a place called Oasis. It’s a chain bubble tea shop and we ended up staying there for a bit playing a board game called Apples to Apples. I got a taro bubble tea with mini tapioca bubbles. Taro is a classic bubble tea flavor in my opinion. Sunday was the first of July, and the start of our unlimited July bus pass. This was something I really looked forward too, as I had been spending a lot on bus travel before then. I definitely plan on taking advantage of this all you can travel pass. Yesterday I went to the downtown Seattle library which is probably the biggest library I’ve seen. Unfortunately I had to leave due to a fire alarm. Apparently there was a fire in the library.


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